Interactive Whiteboards…a useful classroom tool!

After reading the below journal article (2007) and reflecting on my time both using and observing interactive whiteboard’s (IWB’s) in the classroom, I can definitely see the beneficial elements in incorporating this form of technology. Being a relatively new technological development, teachers’ are learning every day the various aspects associated with IWB’s. What seems to be the most important aspect in my opinion is the heightened level of student engagement when participating in interactive IWB activities. This interactivity allows for another level of student engagement since the students are physically involved in the process rather than purely teacher-centered instruction. Higgins (2007) states that it is the element of interactivity involved associated with teachers incorporating IWB’s in the classroom as the “key to both learning and sustained interest” (p.216). Teachers can decide to use IWB’s as another means of presenting the information or an opportunity to for interactive activities including a “hand-over” process with student volunteers. As teachers it is important to remember that the use of interactivity with IWB’s is “another pedagogical means to achieve teaching and learning goals” (Higgins, 2007, p.217). Within our classrooms, we will be presented with a wide range of learning abilities, the interactivity of IWB’s caters for this by providing different options. There is a common feeling that students become excited and motivated (Higgins, 2007) by the use of IWB’s and motivation and excitement leads to engagement which ultimately results in increased learning. As a classroom tool, Higgins (2007) describes it perfectly, IWB’s “enliven presentation, increase pupil participation and reinforce learning” (p.218).

Reference: Higgins, S., Beauchamp, G., & Miller, D. (2007). Reviewing the literature on interactive whiteboards. Learning, Media and technology, 32(3), 213-225. Retrieved from Accessed


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