Interactive Whiteboard Activity: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan


Lesson Procedure

Aim: To explore how written text can complement the images in a book, with particular focus on using adjectives and verbs.



 Shaun Tan The Lost Thing – book and short film

 IWB notebook file



  1. Having read the book view a selection of images and their accompanying text. Have students select an appropriate adjective and verb to complete the sentence or text passage. Explore all of the options in the word bank and discuss why these may or may not complement the illustrations.

One thought on “Interactive Whiteboard Activity: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

  1. Interactive Whiteboard activities in the classroom offer both teachers and students a different mode of processing information related to a topic. It allows the teacher the ability to explain an idea through different means and the student the chance to engage with the subject area in a completely different way. This could involve teacher presentation of content or a “hand-over” process where the students physically participate in games or activities. In the case of the lesson activity described above, it is the interactivity created that enables students to better engage with the literature itself, in this instance The Lost Thing, and the grammar, including the metalanguage associated with it. Allowing students to “have a go” themselves through interactive learning processes, leads to increased student motivation which is said to be “the key to both learning and sustained interest” (Higgins, Beauchamp, & Miller, 2007, p.216).

    Higgins, S., Beauchamp, G., & Miller, D. (2007). Reviewing the literature on interactive whiteboards. Learning, Media and technology, 32(3), 213-225.

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