The Avery Bunch

The Avery Bunch

Here’s a story…of a man named Mr Avery…a teacher, establishing a very successful class blog…

Mr Avery is a sixth grade teacher in Massachusetts, USA, who together with his creative class has developed a successful, highly interactive and easy to navigate, class blog known as The Avery Bunch.
When you first enter this blog, you are automatically shown a slideshow of classroom photographs so viewers immediately know who is in this Year 6 class and what exciting things they are up to. My first impressions of the blog? Through the use of various features, a professionally presented, interactive blog is in front of me. The features Mr Avery and his class use which I feel highlight this as a useful model for my own classroom purposes include the Live traffic Feed and Our Visitors world map-great for geography purposes. However, what really makes this class blog stand out, apart from the great use of technology and structure, is how Mr Avery is really showcasing what his class has been up to, the latest activities he’s done with him to help relate concepts to their everyday environment. After exploring the site, you soon discover Mr Avery is up to great things with his classroom. His students are learning all about blog writing as well as learning about technology and new literacies. This year 6 blog is not only a great resource for teachers wanting to learn more about innovative teaching ideas but also as a great learning tool for his students and model for students visiting the blog.   


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