“Meet the techie kids”

“Meet the techie kids”

An insightful and interactive class blog with an abundance of technology and new literacies!

This Year 5 class blog from Michigan in the United States, is filled with different interactive activities both their class and visitors to their blog can enjoy. They entered their blog in the 2012 Edublog Awards and came out as a finalist in the competition.

Features on the site include Google Translator, an application where visitors are able to change the default language of English to whichever language they prefer, “Who’s Visiting?”-a live traffic feed which creates an exciting buzz where the students are able to see exactly who is visiting their class blog, from what country, at that exact moment and Flag Counter which displays the national flags of the visitors from all over the world. All of these features are a great way to celebrate diversity, have an inclusivity of cultures and create a real sense of community. They are features that not only make their blog look more engaging and exciting to visitors, they are also engaging and exciting to the class. Active polls relevant to interests of their class are featured as well as exciting things happening around their school or city are displayed, including their latest school work and projects. Specific to teacher professional knowledge are also recommended website resources for different KLA’s.

All of these features, and many more to explore on their blog, make this class blog, suitable years 4 and 5, a good model for your own classroom!




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