“Greenwashing”- The Media Show

This clip allows viewers a great insght into the idea of “greenwashing”. What is greenwashing you ask?
As the puppets in this Youtube clip describe, greenwashing is essentially brainwashing, to make us as viewers in society, think that large companies, or people, are being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Two examples given in the clip are when companies put a logo on their product and suddenly that makes them, completely recyclable, or the marketing team involved in advertising of a brand states that they have made BIG CHANGES to make their company “green” and “eco-friendly”, yet no proof has been given to support this. They tell us what we want to believe.
All of this is known as branding.
Companies like BP, as seen in the clip, show images of “happy babies”, chirpy music and a brightly coloured backdrop, all to escalate the greatness of their company. However, they are making false claims on environmentally friendly issues, as there are no actual facts in the commercial presented. Here, their branding strategy is to design and layout their commercial in a way that makes us think they are doing “green” things in the environment. The important message the characters in this clip are saying to us is don’t just think that because a big company is telling you something that it’s necessarily true. They are encouraging us to think and read about what we are viewing in the media to develop a better understanding. “It’s easy to look sustainable but you can’t hide the truth”.
Be cautious. Be wary. Be active thinkers when viewing media.

How does this relate to teaching kids in school?…
It’s teaching kids to have an awareness about how you can’t believe everything in the media and encouraging them to have their own opinions based on what they have seen or read. To go out there and do more research, rather than only going by the words and messages seen or spoken in the media. Media in our world today is getting larger and larger, therefore to have an awareness of this is even greater.


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